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A bunch of unconventional thinkers who understand your business pre-requites, speak volumes of creativity and deliver customized solutions.

Lokesh Ravichandru image

Lokesh Ravichandru

CTO & Co-Founder
Sasikumar Thangamuthu image

Sasikumar Thangamuthu

Director - HR
Nantini Lokesh image

Nantini Lokesh

Director - Finance
Achyuth image


Principal Architect

Subin SV image

Subin SV

Principal Architect
Sriram Karthick image

Sriram Karthick

Senior Frontend Engineer
Nandha Kumar image

Nandha Kumar

Senior Java Engineer
Arun Raj image

Arun Raj

Senior Test Engineer

Priyadharshini image


Senior Test Engineer
Abinaya image


Senior Flutter Developer
Nivashini image


Senior Android Engineer
Priya Sundarrajan image

Priya Sundarrajan

Senior Test Engineer

Ramalakshmi MS image

Ramalakshmi MS

Senior Java Engineer
Sarathkumar G image

Sarathkumar G

R&D Engineer
Sreenivasula Reddy Y image

Sreenivasula Reddy Y

Senior IOS Engineer
Arjun TKV image

Arjun TKV

Java Engineer

Sri Prasanna Balaji image

Sri Prasanna Balaji

Java Engineer
Usha Nancy image

Usha Nancy

Android Engineer
Ashwin Kumar image

Ashwin Kumar

Senior Java Engineer
Gokul G image

Gokul G

Java Engineer

Gokulraj G image

Gokulraj G

Java Engineer
Julian Sharon B image

Julian Sharon B

R&D Engineer
Sesha Prasan Kumaran T R image

Sesha Prasan Kumaran T R

Frontend Engineer
Sharang Ramana G image

Sharang Ramana G

Java Engineer

Priya R image

Priya R

Java Engineer
Arvind K image

Arvind K

Frontend Engineer
Parvathi image


Test Engineer
Niranjan image


Test Engineer

Antony image


Senior Flutter Developer
Sundar S image

Sundar S

Junior Flutter Developer
Prakash S image

Prakash S

Senior Frontend Engineer
Arulanandha Guru I image

Arulanandha Guru I

Junior Engineer

Janani C K image

Janani C K

Junior Engineer
Lugman Hussian Khan S image

Lugman Hussian Khan S

Junior Engineer
Uthaya Sankar N image

Uthaya Sankar N

Junior Engineer
Karventhan P image

Karventhan P

Junior Engineer

Kiran Kumar J image

Kiran Kumar J

Devops Engineer
Aravind A image

Aravind A

Executive Admin
Thamarai Kannan S image

Thamarai Kannan S

Test Engineer
Akash M image

Akash M

Test Engineer

Thamizh Selvan DK image

Thamizh Selvan DK

Junior HR Executive
Neethu B Chand image

Neethu B Chand

HR Executive
Mohamed Abu Basith image

Mohamed Abu Basith

Junior Engineer
Divakaran T image

Divakaran T

Junior Engineer

Kewin D Chris image

Kewin D Chris

Junior Engineer
Elumalai S image

Elumalai S

System Administrator
Yuvaraj G image

Yuvaraj G

Junior Engineer
Subhash D image

Subhash D

Junior Engineer

Prakash J image

Prakash J

Senior Java Engineer
Sandhiya E image

Sandhiya E

Junior Engineer
Nagadharshini B image

Nagadharshini B

Junior Engineer
Vishnu Priyan image

Vishnu Priyan

Flutter Developer

Bhavithra R image

Bhavithra R

Junior Engineer
Anish Muralidharan image

Anish Muralidharan

Client Engagement Partner
Angeline Rosy image

Angeline Rosy

Executive - Finance
Vijayadhithya GR image

Vijayadhithya GR

Flutter Developer

Arun GV image

Arun GV

Junior Engineer
Prathiksha M image

Prathiksha M

Junior Engineer
Mohanapraneswaran M image

Mohanapraneswaran M

Junior Engineer
Varshini Ramesh image

Varshini Ramesh

Junior Engineer

Thivakar V image

Thivakar V

Junior Engineer
Shankari G image

Shankari G

Junior Engineer
Vijay Rajavarshan S image

Vijay Rajavarshan S

Junior Engineer
Prathiv AR image

Prathiv AR

Flutter Developer

Nagendran N image

Nagendran N

Test Engineer
Rithika S image

Rithika S

Junior Engineer
Logeshwar S image

Logeshwar S

Junior Engineer
Gladwin Frijo image

Gladwin Frijo

Project Coordinator

Mano Shrii M image

Mano Shrii M

Project Coordinator
Sai Sri Sujan Babu image

Sai Sri Sujan Babu

Junior Engineer
Pranav K image

Pranav K

Junior Engineer
Surya M image

Surya M

Junior Engineer

Asha Devi image

Asha Devi

Junior Engineer
Kameshvaran image


Devops Engineer
Shreeranjana image


Junior Engineer
Bharath image


Junior Engineer

Bernath V image

Bernath V

Test Engineer
Peter Parker image

Peter Parker

Office Dog - Intern

Groot zest that awaits you

Grootan offers a well-designed and well-balanced associate benefits package. We have strategized all the significant little details to shape the most nurturing workspace that is instrumental to success and satisfaction.

  • Best of Technology image
    Best of Technology

    We don't settle for less. Neither do we expect our associates to compromise on the best. We leverage cutting edge technology to create a foreseeable future. Be thrilled with advanced gadgets, unfolding with mac laptops. Hey, Techie over there! It's your treat.

  • Flexible Working Hours image
    Flexible Working Hours

    Right from avoiding a peak hour congestion or attending to sudden errands, we understand how complicated a normal day could transpire. That's why we don't mind if you adhere to your schedule. We enable ease of work through flex hours.

  • Paid Time-Off and Vacation image
    Paid Time-Off and Vacation

    We don't just value our employees, we celebrate them. Never again feel overwhelmed or like your work-life balance is messed up. Enjoy paid vacation leaves, maternity and paternity leave. What's the cherry on top? Voila! Paid vacation trips annually.

  • Rewards and Recognition image
    Rewards and Recognition

    Your every effort is appreciated. Feel valued with our monthly and annual rewards for the best Groot, along with a compensation bonus. Furthermore, stay on the edge when it comes to self-education, as we back you up with financial reimbursement for every successful certification you garner.

  • Medical Insurance image
    Medical Insurance

    We look out for you! We make it our priority to guard your repose as we actively support, through our health care benefits. Relax and take the backseat as our benefits include comprehensive medical cover for you and your family members, during your entire tenure with Grootan.

  • Round the Clock Snacks image
    Round the Clock Snacks

    How can one think well when one hasn't dined well? At Grootan its always Food o'clock. For the love of food, we cater round the clock snacks as well as special evening treats everyday. You just gotta hit the refrigerator when you feel one of those hunger pangs or petty cravings.

Life At Grootan

What does it mean to be a part of the GROOTAN family? Being a part of GROOTAN means being a part of a community with energetic and enthusiastic people. We value differences of opinion and experience and the perception of everyone. No matter what your level, you’ll be given real responsibility from day one. Discover the benefits of being part of our team.