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Empowering Businesses with World-Class Technology!

We Grootan build experiences and solutions that help businesses in converting their ideas into reality with our technological expertise.

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OAuth 2.0 Solutions slider image

OAuth 2.0 Solutions

Enable a seamless login experience to your applications with our OAuth 2.0 customisable solutions built for your convenience.

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Identity & Access Management Solutions

Enable highly scalable and secure user access to digital services through an easy-to-use, business-oriented interface.

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Highly Secured Native and Hybrid Mobile Applications

We offer robust, high-performing, feature-packed and built mobile applications to be both scalable and secure, able to handle any business and it needs.

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How We Work?

It’s simple: we love seeing your business grow. From planning and consulting to documentation and support, Grootan always keeps in close touch with our clients and keep them involved in the entire process.

  • Planning and Consulting

    We work with you to understand the scope of your work and find the right solutions to meet your IT challenges with our customized solutions..

    Planning and Consulting process image
  • Visual and Technical Design process image
    Visual and Technical Design

    Our design process starts with understanding your business objectives, goals and priorities so that it helps to find the user needs and align them with real-life user stories.

  • Development

    We turn your ideas into a reality, while we work on your project it will be placed on the development server where you get to watch the whole process, live..

    Development process image
  • Continuous Integration process image
    Continuous Integration

    Continuous Integration helps to streamline the build process, resulting in higher-quality outcomes and more predictable delivery schedules.

  • Continuous Testing

    After the development and integration, we go underground for a little while (not literally) to make sure everything is working properly.

    Continuous Testing process image
  • Continuous Deployment process image
    Continuous Deployment

    Continuous development helps to automate and streamline the process of building, testing and deploying new code into a live or staging environment.

  • Documentation

    The documentation process goes with requirement gathering, authoring, testing, deployment with the documentation part.

    Documentation process image
  • Maintenance and Support  process image
    Maintenance and Support

    Completing your project is just the beginning - monitoring and ongoing maintenance are parts of the process. We monitor the project performance and perform updates and offer Maintenance and Support at your request.

Latest Case Studies

Initiatives we've delivered; We have a proven experience in providing solutions to a broad range of industries. Here we have mentioned a few case studies on how we deliver the power of digital in measurable ways

Expanding Keycloak's interoperability with AWS KMS

To provide a ES256, ES384 and ES512 signing way for access token of open id with AWS KMS...

Enhancing Keycloak Consent's with IBM Consent Manager

The Client was trying to integrate IBM consent manager within Keycloak and it should replace...

Client Policy integration within Keycloak

Client Policy Integration in Keycloak. When healthcare is being rapidly digitalized, millions of people...

Experts in Growth

Easily adapt with latest trending technologies

Our Vision image
Our Vision

By empowering organizations with optimized technology and advanced analytics, we contribute to a better productivity.

Our Ambition image
Our Ambition

We want to continuously increase our impact on the development with our data driven decision support.

Our Purpose image
Our Purpose

We want to improve the world using our passion for technologies.

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Latest Blogs

Dive headfirst! We have something for everyone.

Automate TLS/SSL certificate renewal seamlessly with Ansible.

Our organization manually renews SSL/TLS certificates for multiple hosts on a monthly or yearly basis, which...

Building an Awesome Terminal User Interface Using Go, Bubble Tea, and Lip Gloss

In the world of command-line interfaces (CLI), creating intuitive and visually appealing tools can greatly enhance...

Ensuring Data Integrity: Elasticsearch Scheduled Backup with SLM Policy

In the realm of data management, ensuring the integrity and availability of information is paramount...


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