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Cloud services are crucial in today's operations. Most of the organizations are accelerating towards the cloud-based environment. But, sometimes, it is the most challenging task for all businesses to keep data safe and secure in the cloud.

To get secure cloud infrastructure, Grootan offers secured Cloud solutions for every user, including SSO, Risk-Based MFA and Adaptive Access, User Lifecycle Management, and Identity Analytics that bring additional business value with innovation, flexibility, elasticity, and simplification.

Why Entrust Your Cloud Solutions to Grootan?

Grootan's cloud solutions and strategic guidance offer seamless and effective security services for you! Here's how they make it better for you.

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Seamless Access

Your users want one-click access from any device to any application. Our cloud Solution provides easy and seamless access to all enterprise resources with one set of credentials.

We offer secure multi-factor authentication with 15+ authentication methods to any type of device or application whether they are in the cloud or on-premise.

Strong Privacy

Customers, employees, partners interact with your business across multiple channels, whether in the cloud or via third-party applications.

This is where our secured cloud services provide a better experience through multi-factor authentication methods to access the information securely and conveniently no matter where they are.

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Effective security

There are many security issues and compromises in the process of data access and storage in the cloud environment, especially in the case of data storage with the help of third-party vendors, who themselves may be malicious attacker.

Currently, Identity and Access Management (IAM) offers effective security for cloud systems. A Customised IAM structure with the right cloud-based platform will complement your business and security goals and focus on user outcomes

Reliable Cloud Service Provider

Though the best methods are available for overcoming cloud security problems you need the most reliable cloud service provider for providing the latest and suitable service for your business.

Grootan guarantees the right cloud solutions that meet cloud-first objectives.

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