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The retail industry is witnessing a paradigm transformation. Rapidly evolving technologies, increasing customer expectations and developing digital firms are driving widespread disruption. The evolution of retail technology has played an effective role in today's fast-paced, complex and modern environment. Omni-channel marketing is everywhere, not only customers are purchasing via many device options, but they are also using a multitude of payment options.

Whether it's assets in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid environment, modern retail businesses need to be seamless, secure, and scalable to do business securely in the digital marketplace.

We Grootan understand the ever-evolving trends and offer a strategic deployment of technology solutions for retail services.

Perks of Our Complete Retail Services

Featured below are some of our unique potentials that shows how our services enhance your business.

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Improved Security

Vendors, partners, employees of subsidiaries also need access to a retail organization’s systems. Federated identity lets a user log into systems across multiple enterprises with a single set of credentials.

We Grootan offer a Federated Identity solution that supports two-factor authentication and authorization in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid environment.

Increased Productivity

SSO allows users to log into multiple systems with one set of credentials.

It enhances user's productivity and reduces the frustration of forgetting passwords. This decreases the call requests to the help desk for password resets frequently, so that the IT costs are reduced additionally.

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Flexibility and Scalability

Our cloud-based retail solution offers end-to-end customer experiences, higher revenues, and greater loyalty. Experience our personalised retail solutions that

  • Deliver a perfect experience for your customers that brings your strategy to life.
  • Align your IT Infrastructure requirements and simplify operations.
  • Build and scale your data operations across your organization.

Peace of Mind and Trust

Trust goes beyond secure log-in. Integrating authentication and authorization for

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Legacy applications

Grootan offer enterprises with much-needed security without compromising usability and convenience. Retailers can explain to customers that their data and actions are secure at every step in the journey.

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