About Us

GROOTAN is a devoted company with advanced technology where we ensure you always ahead of the competition. We coined the name GROOTAN from the famous Groot of the Marvel movie Guardians of the galaxy. Yes! we admire him for his strength, durability, kind heart and simplicity.

Just like him, we Grootans muscle up to cater to our client’s requirements and deliver with persistent stability. No matter what it is, we shield our partners with our Agile development tools and help our clients continuously improve and deliver quality software


What We Do?

GROOTAN is a superior service provider of technology solutions for businesses within a wide range of industries, including financial services, retail, insurance, health care and gaming. We offer innovative and right solutions to streamline workflows and increase efficiency so you can focus on your core mission. Our professional team of trusted industry experts who specialize in their respective core ensures to provide the best solutions for your particular problems.


Our Clients

Why Grootan ?

Because we believe in Simple, Creative & Flexible Developments. Featured below are some of our unique potentials

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First-Class Service

GROOTAN offers the most excellent services to meet the unique needs of our clients. By offering the highest levels of service, we have long-term relationships, where we collaborate closely and have a deep understanding of their business.

Pro-Active Support

We believe that powerful IT management must be proactive rather than reactive. We GROOTAN committed to developing proactive IT solutions which ensure every business connection is prioritised.

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Expertise In Business Solutions

GROOTAN's team of trusted professionals have a deep understanding of business circumstances that allow them to adapt perfectly to your situation to develop tailor-made solutions that provide the best solutions for your particular problems.