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Check Out How We Made Our Customers Happy With the Right Solutions

Security of Personal Data

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union safeguards the constitutional right of the data subjects of the European Union to privacy and the protection of personal data.
  • It implements rigorous specifications that will boost and harmonize data privacy, encryption, and regulatory standards.
  • To implement the GDPR norm, few users are signed up but not activated their smartphone app or portal, which resulted in device redundancies.
  • So, in addition to our enforcement, we are committed to providing our customers with services and information to help them comply with GDPR standards that might ease their operations.

Services for compliance-enabling

  • Under the GDPR, certain specifications concentrate on maintaining efficient management and security of personal data.
  • To facilitate compliance with GDPR, Keycloak gives you the freedom to enforce your security measures in the ways you need.
  • We partnered with the customer to exclude inactive users from the system to reduce additional costs.
  • The solution was designed from scratch and thus ensured that it was also extensible for other interfaces.
  • A scheduler has been introduced in Keycloak, which is registered and can be programmed to run how much it can.
  • The scheduler looked up the customers and checked the scenarios and then removed them just after the condition was passed.