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Integration of In-Person Authentication with Keycloak

  • Nect allows fully automatic online identification based on the state of the art with self-developed Robo-Ident technology.
  • The Selfie-Ident and all other Nect items can be used with a smartphone intuitively at any time and from anywhere. We stand for change, stability, and a digital future with Nect.
  • A solution for online authentication is the Nect Selfie-Ident. Customers will identify themselves in minutes with their state-of-the-art AI-based technologies.
  • Thanks to its user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness, the nect solution is common everywhere when used by insurance firms, banks, and the German state.

What we Did?

  • Under the Nect, such requirements are based on the preservation of appropriate personal data protection and security.
  • Keycloak allows you the right to apply the security policies in the forms you need to encourage compliance with Nect, including special measures such as:
    • We need to check that an account holder is a person, as per the customer requirements, and the documents/proofs submitted by the customer fit their true identity.

    • Nect has implemented internet technologies and uses a webcam and internet video to execute in-person verification.

  • The flow will be initiated in browser and once the initial stage of authentication is succeeded through browser, the flow will be shifted from browser to mobile.
  • Team has designed and achieved a seamless integration to complete the registration process.