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User Experience on Mobile Applications

Mobile user experience design refers to the design of positive experiences during the use of mobile devices and wearables, and applications or services running on such devices. The mobile market, like the contexts in which mobiles are used, places unique requirements on the design of the user experience. Mobile UX design focuses strongly on efficiency, usability and discoverability.


Make Navigation upfront

Navigation plays a major role in mobile apps & sites than in desktop. It assists the user to navigate through the required options in a single click.




Make visual experience across mobile and other larger devices

Whether a user is accessing content on the app, mobile website, or desktop website, the transition between using them needs to be seamless. The visual elements should mirror one another between the devices




Personalization of user lookups

  1. For mobile apps, personalization is key to improving the user experience. Personalization can also help achieve marketing goals.
  2. This would push users toward content that they’re looking for and away from content that’s irrelevant to them. It can also eliminate distractions towards other apps




Splash screen as first impression

While a new user gets into the mobile apps. Apps should be straightforward to use and we need minimal onboarding. A couple of splash screens that point out unique features is all most users will need to get started.


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