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Leveraging Test-Driven Development for Early Bug Detection

Within the sphere of software development, Test-Driven Development (TDD) emerges as a potent methodology, esteemed for its capacity to elevate code quality and revolutionize the development process.


TDD - Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a methodology in software development where tests are created before the implementation code.

Absolutely, when implementing a new feature such as change password functionality in Test-Driven Development (TDD), you would typically start by creating test cases to cover various scenarios. Here are some examples of test cases you might consider valid change password, invalid current password, weak password etc.


Begin by creating a new instance representing a user.

Develop code to process user input and execute the password change procedure.

Validate the functionality by ensuring that the method returns true, confirming that the user has successfully changed their password, aligning with the expected outcome defined by the test case.

Benefits of TDD:

Test-Driven Development (TDD) offers several benefits to software development processes, teams, and products

Fewer Mistakes:

TDD helps catch mistakes early by testing the code as it's being written. This means fewer bugs to fix later on.

Confidence in Changes:

With TDD, developers know their changes haven't broken anything because they run tests constantly. It's like having a safety net.

Less Time Spent Fixing Bugs:

Since bugs are caught early, there's less time wasted hunting them down and fixing them later

Code Quality:

TDD makes code cleaner and easier to manage because it makes developers think about testing before writing code. This means breaking down problems into smaller parts and organizing code neatly.

How we can fit TDD in our development

Small steps for great things:

Let's begin with a simple example to ensure a clear understanding and comprehensive coverage, which will help us to learn TDD more effectively.

Practise makes us perfect:

Make sure to make TDD a key part of how you develop software. Make time and resources available to write tests before writing code.

Don't comment bad code ‐ rewrite it :

After the tests pass, clean up and improve the code without changing the expected result. Make sure to run the case & validate result.

Typical challenges experienced when embracing TDD

Changing How We Think:

TDD needs us to start by writing tests before code, which might be a new way of working for some

Adapt to change:

Transitioning the team to a new process and finding time to allocate can present initial hurdles.

Finding right tool:

To start with finding right tool to adapt TDD would be a challenge. Do some research & adapt best suit that meets your project needs before start with TDD.

To conclude TDD can be game changer in software development. TDD is not just about creating test before coding, it also helps developer to understand the product better & write effective code. Let’s plant best seeds for a better nurturing of product by identifying bugs early with TDD.

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