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This is not the way we wanted to celebrate the 74th Independence Day. When Indian Jersey nos. 7 and 3 announced their retirement, many people around the world decided not to watch cricket anymore.

We meet so many people in our life yet only a select few will create long-lasting impressions. They motivate us with their actions and empower us with their values. One such personality from the Indian cricket team is MSD (Mahendra Singh Dhoni).

I am not a die-hard fan of Dhoni but I’ve always admired his leadership skills and the values he created within the team. For this reason, I want to put down a few lessons which every team and leader should learn from him.





Think Different:

He always does things differently and it has proved efficacious on many occasions. You may not be successful every time still, it’s important to take chances and try something new. It’s ok if you fail sometimes but the lesson you have learned out of that is what matters most.



“True leaders create leaders, not followers” He built a strong team and gave complete freedom for everyone to experiment the same. To make sure that the focus stays on the team’s achievement rather than his own performance, he ensures every member of the team has equal opportunities to contribute. He used to credit his team members if the team wins and takes responsibility for the loss. MSD never focused on results. He always worked to improve the process. What’s our take away? Identify the strength of each individual in your team and use them at the right time. Trust your team members always.


Dream Big:

From being a small-town cricketer to the Captain of the Indian Cricket team, it’s not an easy journey, but he made it happen through his focused efforts and continuous hard work.

Every dream seems humongous at the beginning. We might wonder how we’re ever going to achieve it. We think about the enormity of the task ahead of us. But with persistence, we can progress a little each day. One achievement here and another there adds up over time and eventually, they start to stack-up and grow. This builds momentum, moving you closer to your goals. When you see your tiny milestones come to pass over time, that’s all the motivation you need to push yourself just a little bit further.

We improve in stages, week after week, month after month, and year after year, but we don’t stop because we hold fast to those dreams so vividly in our minds.

Every dreamer knows that the realization of their big dreams won’t come easy. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worthwhile. Isn’t it? If anybody can do it, then where’s the challenge? As a dreamer, you realize that there’s a long road ahead, but you’re also willing to do what it takes. And, over time, you’ll reach the destination and fulfill those dreams. It doesn’t happen overnight but happens for sure, eventually.

So, if you aim big and work hard anything is possible.


Treat Failure & Success Equally:

He always remains calm amidst success and failure. Never does he display attitude on the field which baffles the opposition and gives him the psychological edge. Staying calm and focussed on the game helps him succeed. Easier said than done. Let’s try to follow this during our ups and downs. How we behave when we have nothing, defines our character. If we attain success in everything, we won't ever get to know what failure is like and what it has to offer. Failure makes a person more dedicated to their goals, teaches the value of work, and helps appreciate success.



Remember where you started your journey and help people along the way. When you reach the top, guide them. MSD has guided many players to shine in their respective departments, with his knowledge and experience. He creates a positive environment where people can approach him for inputs. Not just Indian Players even players from other countries have done this, which is a clear statement of the trust and admiration he has garnered among his peers as well as rivals. If that isn’t awe-inspiring, what is? Therefore, if you are an expert in something try to guide your junior folks and help them perform better.


Be a Finisher:

Don’t worry about how you started, think about how you are going to finish. Everyone can start but only a few can ace and finish the race. Staying on the field and finishing it off in style is something we need to learn from MSD. Certainly, there will be struggles at the beginning but if you are ready to hold on long enough to learn, you will pave your way to success.


Dealing with Criticism:

Dhoni is the one who fabricates positivity from criticism and uses it for betterment, wherein he won't react much but learns from it. You can either use criticism in a positive way to improve yourself, or in a negative way that can lower your self-esteem and cause stress, anger or even aggression. As we go through life we have plenty of opportunities to learn and improve ourselves. Therefore, no matter what kind of criticism is aimed at you, analyze and find something you can learn from it. We all learn by making mistakes, and learning how to deal with criticism positively is one way that we can improve our interpersonal relationships.



These are my take on his qualities which I believe are versatile and applicable for anybody. In any event, Learning from the Legends is never going to let you down. So, give it a try ????